DISCOVER THE BENEFITS OF MORINGA OIL for Hair, Is Moringa Oil good for Hair,

Is Moringa Oil good for Hair,

Is Moringa Oil good for Hair,

What does the Moringa Oil look like?

Similar to olive oil in its consistency, Moringa oil has a slightly oily appearance and a golden yellow color.

How is the moringa Oil obtained?

Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds of the tree of life. In the pods produced by Moringa, there are these seeds that are pressed using a machine. Then, it is enough to recover the oil obtained after this work.

You too can make oil at home by boiling the seeds until the oil rises above the water. It will be enough to filter the oil to separate it from the water. However, always use very good quality seeds.

Moringa Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

Moringa Oil, a guarantee of high quality

There are several ways to extract oil from Moringa seeds, but the best is still the cold-pressed method.

This way of obtaining Moringa oil promises to keep a maximum of nutrients and a better quality of taste and appearance.

You will, therefore, enjoy maximum benefit from Moringa!

Moringa Oil On the hair

– advisor for damaged hair

– undernourished hair

– dull hair

– remove the sticks

– promotes hair growth

– and in addition, it is an effective natural cleanser.

this week I told you about a soap that I currently use which is made with moringa oil, in this soap moringa oil is still in large quantities and I love this soap for its purifying properties. here is the review I gave you on this soap here01

Moringa Oil Benefits

where to get this moringa Oil?

it is sold on the net, but personally, the moringa oil that I use the few times that I have it comes from Africa, I find that it is of very very good quality.  

Moringa Oil is suitable? For the tough challenges of summer, Moringa Oil is suitable as hair protection, which naturally has a natural sun protection factor and protects against free radicals and environmental influences. In addition, they should prevent the hair from drying out and fading by protecting the hair shaft and thereby giving new moisture. Ideally, they provide the hair with additional nutrients without weighing it down. Moringa Oil (approx. SPF 4), argan oil from unroasted kernels  (approx. SPF 3) and sesame oil (approx. SPF 3) offer a natural sun protection factor against UV-B rays. Thanks to their high proportion of antioxidants, they build up natural protection against free radicals when used in hair. Almond oil and moringa oil are also particularly moisturizing and nourishing for dry, damaged hair, which also protects against environmental influences with a high content of vitamins and antioxidants. All oils strengthen the hair and care for the scalp in a specific way. Moringa oil provides elasticity and provides intensive moisture. It gives the hair shine and protects against split ends. Like sesame oil, it can be used to treat dry scalp and dandruff. Argan and Moringa Oil also promote hair growth and strengthen its structure. Moringa Oil also helps prevent split ends, regulates the hydration of hair and can be used to treat greasy dandruff.


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