Moringa Oil Benefits For skin

Moringa Oil Superfood For Body And Hair

Moringa is a strong antioxidant, rich in vitamins and minerals. The 2018 superfood has been declared. Moringa oil is used in cosmetics for the health and beauty of the body and hair.

The Moringa OIL is a widespread plant in a good part of the tropical and equatorial zone of the planet. It is known as the miracle tree for its many healing, slimming and cosmetic properties.
Rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, proteins, it is considered the superfood of 2018, capable of fighting over 300 ailments.
A real elixir. It contains 10 times the vitamin A of carrots, 6 times the polyphenols of red wine, 15 times the potassium of bananas, 25 times the iron of the spinach and 17 times the calcium of the milk.



Moringa contains 9 essential amino acids, 27 vitamins, 46 antioxidants, and many mineral salts. It is a very valuable aid in the case of hypertension, flu, and colds, performs a powerful action against free radicals, protects the heart, improves blood circulation. It helps digestion and facilitates the absorption of food, accelerates metabolism and for this reason, it is very suitable for diets. It is an excellent remedy for acne, it has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It is also an effective tonic in the case of asthenia and exhaustion.
Due to its very high antioxidant and moisturizing qualities, it is widely used in cosmetics, both for face and hair treatments.
Very interesting is the oil obtained from Moringa seeds, widely used by the cosmetic industry because it is rich in active ingredients and very light. The oil is extracted from the seeds and is rich in fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, linoleic), phytosterols, vitamins A, E, and C.


Moringa oil is a real prodigy for scalp and hair. Hydrates and rebalances the scalp strengthens the hair and provides all the substances useful for the well-being of the hair bulb. It performs a purifying action, as it captures polluting substances and facilitates their removal. It protects against the heat of hairdryers and plates, counteracts split ends and the unpleasant frizz effect. Facilitates the combing of hair and strengthens the cells of the scalp. It makes the hair soft and elastic. It is an excellent nutrient for dry hair.


Idol is the newest styling and finish line, based on high-quality oils, butter and vitamin E . Moringa oil has been chosen for its polishing, protective and moisturizing properties. In fact, it limits dehydration making the hair insensitive to changes in humidity. It gives volume and vitality to the hair.
It is particularly present in the Curly line, dedicated to curly hair, as it helps eliminate frizz and makes the hair elastic without weighing it down.

Moringa is an ancient nutrition. Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks had introduced it in their diet because even then its extraordinary beneficial properties were known, translated in the modern era into cosmetic products. And since our treatments must immediately guarantee maximum effectiveness in respecting the scalp and hair, Moringa oil has been an easy choice. A choice of health and beauty.



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